Dutch: Zoals vereist van een FAI cat2 competitie zal het reglement en de info over de finale in het engels gepubliceerd worden. Voor vragen kan contact worden opgenomen met de organisatie via contact.

NK Vlakland final

When: 4-6 June (“Pinksteren”), Backup: 11-12 June
Location: Netherlands, Veldhoek
Map: NK Vlakland Google Maps
Waypoint files: nk_vlakland-2022.zip
The NK Vlakland final is run accordence with all applicable sections of the FAI Sporting Code.


As per the FAI cat2 requirements, 5 places (25%) are reserved for international pilots.

Due to limited places available and to ensure sufficient flatland flying skills we have a minimum point requirement for all pilots. Any pilot applying for a place in the NK Vlakland final has to have gathered at least 200 points in the NK Vlakland qualification rounds.

Remaining places will be assigned to pilots in order of NK Vlakland qualification ranking. Any places reserved for international pilots will be relocated to other pilots if not filled at 15 days before the event.

The registration form will be posted here shortly. Selected pilots will be added to the telegram NK Vlakland final channel.


The NK Vlakland final will be held as a cat2 CIVL event.

Because the final is organised as a separate event the winner of the “NK Vlakland final” is determined exclusively by the scores in the final. This ranking will be submitted to the CIVL organisation and count towards the WPRS ranking. A FAI sporting license is required to participate.

In case only one task is flown in the final the NK Vlakland season “eindstand” can differ from the “NK Vlakland final”. In this case the scores in the qualification rounds will also be taken into account to determine the NK Vlakland season winners. More details can be found in the “regelement“.

The starting order and, if applicable, starting field on the first task is chosen by the pilots in the order of qualification ranking. Subsequent tasks the intermediate final ranking is used.

Typical daily schedule

10:00 Morning briefing
11:30 Pilots move to the winch field
12:00 Start window open
17:00 Start window closed
18:00 Task window closed
18:15 Deadline tracklog submission
21:00 Result publication

We will try to organised a pilots diner on one of the competition days.

Task setting

Depending on conditions and winch field location(s) 2 task types will be considered:

  • Elapsed time (via turnpoints)
  • Cylinder race

A pilot representative will be selected by the organisation to assist the organisation with task setting. Volunteers can apply to the organisation.


Relaunches are permitted, even if the pilot already flew a part of the task. After all pilots have had a launch attempt a new starting round begins in the same order. Any pilot not present, not ready to launch or unwilling to launch will be skipped until the next starting round.

Always follow the directions of the “start official”. In case of launch issues the start official can decide to skip ahead to the next pilot.

Step towing will be used to launch. An appropriate release is required.

Each pilot is limited to 6 minutes on the cable during step towing unless determined otherwise by the start official.

During towing all directions from the winch operator are to be followed. Disobeying may lead to disqualification.


Pilots need to send their igc tracklog file to the organisation as soon as possible after landing. It is the pilots own responsibility to ensure the tracklog is sent to the organisation in time.

For the NK Vlakland final the time based scoring (TBS) formula will be used. More info about this new scoring method can be found here: link

Parameters [preliminary]
Model: TBS (Time based scoring)
Takeoff height: 600m
Maximum task speed: 40 km/h
Minimum adjustment speed factor = 0.25
Turnpoint radius tolerance = 0.2%
Scoring altitude = GPS
No discards, no sprints, all other factors at default values

In case only one tasks is flown, the task will also be scored according to the GAP formula of the qualification rounds to enable combination of the scores with the qualification scores and determine the NK Vlakland season “eindstand”.


In case of any confusion or discussion the competition organisation will have final say. The organization is always right. We reserve the right to update the rules at any time.

Protests and appeals can be submitted to the organisation at wc.schermvliegen@knvvl.nl